Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nuns - Innocents Sentenced for Life time imprisonment by the Church.

Dr Sister Jesme's autobiography has been a huge embarrassment for the Church in kerala. I have very high regards for this bold lady who challenged the mighty church by revealing bitter truths. In her book she has narrated even the personal trauma and shame she faced during her days as a nun. Church has been under severe criticism, after few priests were accused of murder of sister Abhaya. This one adds on to the numerous allegations against the church, which always managed to ridicule allegations by its political power and its influence over the mainstream media.

The life of a nun is not an easy one especially inside the huge walls of churches. Most nuns in kerala join the church in their early ages. It may not be their personal choice, most of the time it will be their parents and the family who decide that the girl should go to church and become the bride of jesus.

Imagine the mind state of that girl who will be alienated from her family and asked to live a life which is as good as a life term (even murders come out after 15 years). Will they not have normal feelings and emotions associated with girls of their age group? Who is benefiting by wiping colours off their dreams of life.

The church has a meticulous system to brainwash girls from a very young age and motivate them to become nuns, obviously with the full support of the family. The systemic brainwash might work for some, and they live a life without ambitions
for the rest of their life. But mother nature has created all of us with instincts. Even after decades of brainwashing, the normal human instincts may still prevail. Lesbian tendency among nuns is mentioned in her book,which is not a surprise at
all. This is not just about sexual needs, even nuns wish for love,care and support from someone. Deprived of almost every mode of entertainment, nuns are supposed to live like aliens from some other planet. Isn't this human rights violation? Its
like chopping a bird's wings before it could fly around to see the beauty of this world. How can a progressive society like us support church to deny basic human rights for these sisters. Isn't this talibanisation? what is the difference between the taliban in afpak and one of the highest literate society in India? Where are those human rights activists and feminists who shed tears for Muslim girls suffering in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Are they blind to ignore the sexual assault on nuns by the priests Or is it coz they are not powerful enough to raise their voice against the church? It is
coz Gandhi notes have power to block the even the so called, 'secular' voices, and the church has bundles of them.

I do not believe in superpowers. But if there is a god, he has created all of us with almost the same set of basic emotions, feelings and instincts. Denying the instincts is denial of God. Nuns are advised to live isolated from main stream to concentrate on community initiatives to uplift the society. There are people who have showed the world that family life is not a hindrance for community services. Community services is a mask anyways. The hidden agenda of religious conversions is not a secret any more. Churches get foreign funding (They might have targets to achieve as well!!) which is used to bribe tribal leaders for mass conversions. All in the name of
Jesus! Most of the educational institutions run by church are cash cows. A new business model adopted by Mata Amritanandamayi is actually copied from church. Community services is just a marketing initiative to turn the attention of the public and media.

There are similarities between a nun and a Devadasi. They both are wedded to 'Gods'. Both are exploited by established systems, nuns by churches and devadasis by the priests. Both of them are isolated from main stream. The stupid system of devadasis was stopped by law. Christian missionaries have played active part in eradicating the cruel and inhuman system of Devadasis. But ironically they do not notice that the church is also involved in a similar crime.

Last year there was an mms of a nun from aluva circulated by some lunatics in internet. After media reports church expelled the nun. Media covered it extensively and gave importance to the nun's expulsion. But they missed one important point, who is the culprit? Is that the driver who exploited the lady's love or the nun who gave everything to him trusting his love. According to me, the man has to be pelted with stones. She shouldn't be ashamed of herself, instead she should be proud that she followed her instincts. Heaven is for those who follow instincts as instincts are directly from god which has greater sense than the stupid system laid by his 'middle men'. I hope the society will open its eyes to this heinous system and free those sisters from the iron walls of Church.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Muthalik, Ramsena and a few pink chaddis.

Recently media unearthed a 'leader' out of nowhere. His name is Pramod Muthalik, the Karnataka version of Raj Thakere. The man woke up one day and realised that his culture is under attack. He formed a Sena that day itself and recruited some monkeys as Ram did. The monkeys pulled the hair of innocent girls and created nuisance to public. Apparently the government of Karnataka is run by Muthalik's dear friends, who were also worried abut Indian culture, as elections are nearby.

Valentine's day is a day for lovers. Narrow minded people like Muthalik cannot stop people from loving each other. The existence of this world depends on the eternal feeling called love. Bangalore reacted to Muthalik's comments by 'Pink chaddi campaign'. Soon Muthalikwill be seen as a roadside salesman selling chaddis, as he will not have space in house to keep those. The only problem his customers face will be lack of variety in terms of colour.

The economic prosperity of Karanataka and bangalore is greatly attributed to the IT/ITES sector. The westernised youths pay huge taxes to government, which is used to fund developmental programs for the state. Government of Karnataka tried to cover up the atrocities by Muthalik and co with some ridiculous comments. The answer for that came from Home minister Chidambaram who ensured that Muthalik and his monkeys spend their valuable time inside the lock up on Valentine's day.

There is one solution for this problem, which will ensure that no more goons will surface in future to do such shameful acts. All these men should be sent to the army and post them on the front posts of the army. The self proclaimed saviors can channelise their hate to do something which is useful for the country. Rather than showing their temper on girls, they can use it against our enemies.

For Muthalik and his Monkeys, with lots of 'LOVE'.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Slumdog aiming Oscars!

Slumdog Millionaire has sparked off serious debates all over India. One set of people are proud of the movie because a film based on India and acted by Indians and it won prestigious awards and got nominated for Oscars while some feel that the film portrays a wrong image about India.

The film was severely criticized by greats like Amitabh Bachan for showing the slums of India and projecting a wrong image. The film has disturbing visuals of India and its hard to digest for any proud Indian. However, it is unfair to say that Danny Boyle has projected a false image of India to the western audience. Whatever he has showed in his movie, is a reality which still exists. Slums can be seen in almost every Indian city, there is a vast majority of people under poverty line and are deprived of basic amenities. The riots against Muslims is another scene which can damage the secure image of India. The riots, slums and underworld featured in numerous bollywood movies before. Now people are worried about the image of India just because the movie is directed by someone from west. Why do we have to cover up the truth?

The movie is about Jamal's journey of life and love from the slums to the hot seat of TV show, "who wants to be a millionaire". It portrays the survival instincts of a slum
kid and his never-say-die attitude and determination to find his lost love. Fresh faces, brilliant screenplay and amazing direction makes this movie better than typical bollywood stuff. Its a refreshing change after stupid movies like 'Rab Ne Bana di Jodi'. May be our bollywood directors should learn a few things from this movie.The focus of bollywood is on size zero actresses, designer costumes, foreign locations and six pack heroes. They have completely gone offtrack as they forgot that the essence of a cinema is its storyline, screenplay, characters and direction.

I think Amitabh is just annoyed coz his real life role as a TV host was portrayed as an arrogant character in the movie. Kudos to Anil Kapoor for his excellent acting skills.AR Rahman is finally being recognised in International arena. We all know he is a rare talent and a musical genius, however his best works over the years went unnoticed in the west. Dev Patel, Irfan Khan, Freida Pinto and the slum kids put up a good performance. (some of the slum kids are actually from the slums of mumbai). Now the wait is for Oscars, for the first time Indians will be eager to watch it live.

The film has a typical bollywood ending of Boy and Girl getting reunited in a crowded place. It is a masala mix of romance, drama and suspense. It will not be easy for a movie influenced by bollywood, to compete with hollywood movies in Oscars. Anyways lets hope for the best. Jai Ho!

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