Thursday, December 25, 2008

Saturday, December 13, 2008

GOD - Created by Saints, destroyed by Fundamentalists

God - a name which we all fear, respect, worship, love and obey diligently. There are numerous Gods across the globe, different races have different gods of their own, and countless stories about gods and their miracles are injected to our brains before we are able to think of our own. We all are systematically brain washed by our religions through our parents and society.

There is one thing common about gods - they all have super powers. They have a highly sophisticated intelligence network which gives them instant reports about each and everything which is happening across the world. He will analyse your behaviour and weigh the good and bad deeds we have done in this world and then determine whether we should go to heaven or hell once you die. Simply amazing isn't it?

Another common trait of gods across the world is that they will never ever appear in public. The messages are always conveyed by his preachers, who claim they have direct access to god and his 'messages'. Even though they are not able to do significant 'miracles' by themselves, they normally come up with some simple tricks like catching Shiva lingas and even Rolex watches from thin air. (A professional magician can perform much better tricks than that!)

Questions about God have always been dealt with stupid philosophy by the preachers. Their answers are always vague, confusing, without any evidence whatsoever and will always be based on 'stories' and 'books' written in prehistoric times. Still majority of our educated society including scientists and doctors believe and follow 'non existing' Gods.

Gods were created by the rulers of the land when people were as good as animals. Religions were created by great thinkers in order to guide mankind to a civilised life and to create an environment of peace and mutual respect. Religions had contributed a great deal to human race. They played a pivotal role in shaping up great civilisations. Religions were relevant and indispensable in ancient times, as they ensured that people move in the right direction. The uneducated and uncultured people during those times were made to believe that some 'super power' is monitoring them and they will be accountable for their actions, thereby creating a fear (of god) which forced people to live a honest life.

But things are different now; human race has evolved a great deal. We all are educated and civilised. We are capable of understanding good and bad. Religions have lost relevance as the ill effects are more than the merits. People need to understand that there is no point in being oversensitive over religions. Religions are nothing but a few well written stories by some of the greatest visionaries who lived centuries ago. Even in their wildest imaginations, they would not have foreseen current situation where religions, most probably will initiate the destruction of mankind.

We lead a luxurious life compared to our ancestors; thanks to the technology, electronic equipments, advanced medicines, infrastructure, internet etc. None of this was given to us by God or his ‘spokespersons’. This is the result of the hard work of normal human beings with no extraordinary powers. I think its time to realise the truth – ‘There is no God’ and we have only one life. We need to experience the beauty of the greatest mystery of all times – “Life”, rather than fighting each other for silly reasons like religion and nationality.