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GOD - Created by Saints, destroyed by Fundamentalists

God - a name which we all fear, respect, worship, love and obey diligently. There are numerous Gods across the globe, different races have different gods of their own, and countless stories about gods and their miracles are injected to our brains before we are able to think of our own. We all are systematically brain washed by our religions through our parents and society.

There is one thing common about gods - they all have super powers. They have a highly sophisticated intelligence network which gives them instant reports about each and everything which is happening across the world. He will analyse your behaviour and weigh the good and bad deeds we have done in this world and then determine whether we should go to heaven or hell once you die. Simply amazing isn't it?

Another common trait of gods across the world is that they will never ever appear in public. The messages are always conveyed by his preachers, who claim they have direct access to god and his 'messages'. Even though they are not able to do significant 'miracles' by themselves, they normally come up with some simple tricks like catching Shiva lingas and even Rolex watches from thin air. (A professional magician can perform much better tricks than that!)

Questions about God have always been dealt with stupid philosophy by the preachers. Their answers are always vague, confusing, without any evidence whatsoever and will always be based on 'stories' and 'books' written in prehistoric times. Still majority of our educated society including scientists and doctors believe and follow 'non existing' Gods.

Gods were created by the rulers of the land when people were as good as animals. Religions were created by great thinkers in order to guide mankind to a civilised life and to create an environment of peace and mutual respect. Religions had contributed a great deal to human race. They played a pivotal role in shaping up great civilisations. Religions were relevant and indispensable in ancient times, as they ensured that people move in the right direction. The uneducated and uncultured people during those times were made to believe that some 'super power' is monitoring them and they will be accountable for their actions, thereby creating a fear (of god) which forced people to live a honest life.

But things are different now; human race has evolved a great deal. We all are educated and civilised. We are capable of understanding good and bad. Religions have lost relevance as the ill effects are more than the merits. People need to understand that there is no point in being oversensitive over religions. Religions are nothing but a few well written stories by some of the greatest visionaries who lived centuries ago. Even in their wildest imaginations, they would not have foreseen current situation where religions, most probably will initiate the destruction of mankind.

We lead a luxurious life compared to our ancestors; thanks to the technology, electronic equipments, advanced medicines, infrastructure, internet etc. None of this was given to us by God or his ‘spokespersons’. This is the result of the hard work of normal human beings with no extraordinary powers. I think its time to realise the truth – ‘There is no God’ and we have only one life. We need to experience the beauty of the greatest mystery of all times – “Life”, rather than fighting each other for silly reasons like religion and nationality.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terror attack - Time to ACT

Mumbai is attacked again. Innocent people ran for cover when ruthless terrorists sprayed bullets. Reports suggest that the terrorists came via sea route from pakistan. This confirms the incapability of our coast guard. A new organisation named 'Deccan Mujahudin' has claimed responsibility. Even as one of the terrorist claimed that he is from hyderabad, his punjabi accent clearly reveals his links across the border.

Pakistani Foreign minister offered 'condolences' and offered a 'hotline' between Intelligence officials. May be our ministers will accept this offer and will coordinate with ISI. ISI will be regularly updated by valuable information which they will use to train more terrorists and send us via sea, land or air probably, coz its no secret that our aerial surveillance radars are outdated.

Pakistani press and ministers accused India of raising false allegations and also commented that the politicians in India are accusing them to cover their intelligence failures. But the fact remains that the terrorists came from Pakistan and was trained in pakistan by Lashkar. Where is pakistan's intelligence when these terrorists planned their operation in their land? There is no doubt that ISI has significant links with LET and even America and rest of the world is aware of that after the Kabul Indian embassy attack. Pakistan's democratic government has taken steps to minimise the influence of ISI in politics. ISI was pressurised from all the sides. Without ISI and Pakistan army's support, nobody can plan and execute such an attack. The democratic government in pakistan is a silent spectators of this proxy war.

Now focus is on India. How the government is going to react to this ruthless assault? The attack revealed how vulnerable Indians are in the hands of terror. It is virtually impossible to prevent infiltrations from pakistan and bangladesh completely, because we have a very long coastal line and we share porous borders with Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. We need proactive approach, rather than reacting after a terror strike. The budget allocation of 100,000 crore rupees for defense is not just to use the army for rescue operations after terror strikes and natural calamities, we need to use them when the taxpayers who paid this money has been shot in streets like dogs.

We had enough of diplomatic missions after terror attacks. we cannot sit and talk about this and enforce laws to curb terror. Nothing will stop until we hunt down these rats from their burrows in pakistan. We should not hesitate to cross the border, as the government of pakistan is helpless to prevent terrorists backed by ISI. Gandhigiri and non violence will look good only in bollywood movies. Even Gandhi would have applied for a gun license now. A full fledged war is anyday better than this proxy war, where innocent civilians are butchered like cattle. We have a history of handling issues casually, kandahar and kargil are two examples of it. India should learn from Israelis, their commandos went all the way to Uganda and freed the hostages after storming in to the airport.

Whole of India offered prayers to those brave cops who took the bullets in their chest. They led from the front, risking their life and died for the country. We cannot afford this to happen again. we should fight this terror with all the power we have got, otherwise one day you will find a terrorist walking in to your living room carrying a AK 47 and that will sadly be the last thing you see in this world.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Terrorism weds Politics

As Indians we are quite familiar with terrorism, in fact we are living in a country where our chances of returning home after work is pretty low. Breaking news about blasts has been a regular feature in all the media channels. However, Its no more a shocking news for any of us. Over the years, terrorist organisations and those who are arrested in connection with terrorist activities are invariably Muslims. Now things have changed, we have our own 'saffron terror'.

Terrorism is BJP's main campaign weapon against congress. There is widespread panic among public due to the ruthless blasts across the country. BJP was trying to capitalise on this issue by offering security to citizens if they come to power. All of a sudden news about saffron terror broke out, giving out indications of a political drama scripted by congress to upset BJP's campaign. At first, many thought that this is a step to please minorities and secure their votes, especially after Muslim organisations accused police of staging a fake encounter at Jamianagar. Not sure whether Police will actually sacrifice one among them for a 'fake encounter'.

However, on the other side saffron brigade once again proved that they can match Islamic terror by all means. RSS and Bajrang Dal have a history of attacking minority communities in order to save 'Hindutva'. Hinduism always preached peaceful coexistence with other religions. The self imposed upholders of Hinduism should understand that they are spoiling the image of the religion by their barbarian acts. Why are the saffron clad saints, interested in politics and fighting for power? A saint, as per definition is 'an extremely virtuous person, who has no interest in material things’. I am confused; the saints should be in Himalayas, praying to god standing in one leg. What are they doing here in civilised cities? Apparently they were making bombs and helping other anti social elements to plant bombs in mosques.

Now, is this bombing an oppression against Islamic terror or is there a hidden political agenda as well? Each blast will enforce BJP's point of this country being insecure to live. So these blasts helped to boost their campaign. I have to admit congress has done well to block this campaign by arresting elements of 'Saffron terror'. This has hit BJP very badly as the arrested saint has close relations with top BJP leaders. The most disheartening fact is that the RDX for the blasts was supplied from a member of our 'secular' Army.

This proved that terrorism has no religion. The act of terror can come from any section, any religion, any class. The only thing common is that these acts are initiated by insane minds to express their anger towards established systems by cowardly acts like killing innocent people who have no connection with the 'established systems' they are revolting against.

Politics is a full fledged war now. Political parties use even the acts of terror as a weapon to fight each other. The common man, who is watching all these Tamasha take it as another joke in laughter challenge and move on. Recently Modi demolished temples in Gandhinagar which is Advani's constituency. Its double benefit (oru vedikku 2 pakshi) to him as he can reduce the chances of Advani winning the elections and Modi can project himself as a national leader who is pro-development and secular. Congress is no better, they have been 'auctioning' tickets for elections. God save India!

Dedicated to all venomous cobras in politics - Nagin by Decibel

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

I was tagged by confucius to answer two questions each from past,present and future.


Your oldest memories

My childhood house on top of a hill near a vast paddy field. Most beautiful place on earth.

School days, eventful & fun filled classrooms, stressful exam days, celebrations after the exams (Fishing and swimming in the nearby river), Year end holidays. Balarama, poompatta :)

What were you doing 10 years ago

I was writing my first love letter which I couldn't deliver as I was unable to find the right Hamsam:)

I was studying most of the time, sitting near my window which was facing the backyard of our neighborhood. There was someone cute at the backyard memorising lessons repeating them loudly:). (Dear 'R', u r solely responsible for my dismal performance that year at college)


Your first thought in the morning

Weekday or weekend??????

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My laptop with internet connection, beverages (alcoholic) and a big poster of Rani Mukharjee.


This year

I couldn't foresee any change in job, as the market condition is not that great. Its safer to stick on to this lovely company which gave me a decent hike (0.00000012%) and a record breaking bonus (8 rupee 56 paise).

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

I Will be driving back to my home in a 96 model esteem with the most unlucky girl on earth to stay in the same childhood house, which will complete one full life cycle....

I tag seema, and Layman

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top 5 addictions

I have been tagged by Seema, (Apostrophic Metis) to list top 5 addictions, here it goes


Orkut – Great place to keep in touch with your old buddies. My friends in school and college are scattered all across the globe. This is the place where I interact with them, view their latest pics, (some of them changed so much!!), recollect the good old times (some nasty ones as well), exchange wishes during festivals, keep tab of latest happenings in their life etc.

Blogs – Amazing tool to understand different views, emotions, thoughts of people whom you have never even seen before.

Akkara kazchakal - This serial portrays mallu life in US. The script and direction could match our subtle old Malayalam movies of 80-90s. George Uncle, Giri giri, boby/baby kuttan and co are doing a great job. Its better to watch this than the latest Malayalam flicks which can be described in one word- ‘ridiculous’.


From childhood, I am in love with rain. I like to roam around in my bike when it is drizzling; I love to watch the heavy downpour in my balcony sipping coffee. Rain is something which brings back memories of my home town. The smell of soil when the first drop of rain touches the ground is eternal.


I prefer soft peaceful music of any language. Music calms my mind after stressful working hours. Favorites are endless, Yesudas, Unnimenon, Hariharan, Lionel Richie, Kumar Sanu, Savage Garden…..

Recent addiction is Roopa’s romantic voice


Die hard fan of Padmarajan movies. What a loss for Malayalam movie Industry. Don’t remember how many times I have seen NPMT and Thoovanathumpikal. Addicted to this particular clip in youtube.


As an average Indian, how can I miss cricket in the list of addictions. This is one sport where every Indian, including Mr. Raj Thackeray cheer for our country. There was a time when I watched matches even during exams, without commentary of course (sorry Amma!). However, things are different now, thanks to live scorecards, without which I would have completely lost touch with the game.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Communist Cabin Crew in Jet Airways

Jet airways decided to cut 1900 jobs last week. Employees, mostly hired on contract basis protested against this inhuman decision. For a change it was a protest with a lot of glamour and media covered it extensively. If it was held by a bunch of poor labourers, it would have been another anti-industrialization movement. However the employees from wealthy families manage to pressurise the management and they reinstated them. Right decision was made as the management realised that they are not dealing with people who are below poverty line whose protests will hardly get any kind of attention either from the media or from politicians

The most surprising aspect was anti-communists who were against mass protests and trade unions which prevented development of states, suddenly took a U turn and started talking about labour laws! ITES, IT and Aviation are the most glamorous sectors currently in India. All these sectors are directly linked with global markets and employees here are very well paid compared to Indian managed manufacturing sector. The global financial turmoil started having its impacts in these sectors. Job cuts are beginning to hit headlines.IT/ITES sector never felt the need of unions as they are well paid and are have favourable working conditions. However employees in this sector are facing the heat now. News like this started giving them nightmares.

Most executives in these sectors has been criticising communists their employee friendly approach and has been pointing fingers at them for their anti-development policies. But they are learning a hard lesson, that when things go horribly wrong, you will be left with very few options. When our job is at stake and our future is insecure we all will become communists, we will forget about our company’s future and nation’s development. After all we are humans and we all have families to take care of, which is more important than nation’s development.

The funniest part in this whole episode of firing and reinstatement was Raj Thakare. I have no idea what this guy is up to. He is desperate for media attention, in fact starving for publicity. He showed us how dirty politics can become and proved again that he can threaten people better than experienced goons.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Kerala - Proving that its STILL God's own country

Kerala has been awarded number one state based on the ranking in
various socio economic factors. As usual the anti kerala/mallu elements ridiculed the report. The crusaders who blogged their way to fame by abusing kerala and mallus couldn’t digest the Stats given in the survey which is done by Price Water Coopers. There is no doubt that Kerala is lagging behind other states in attracting investment and has a lot of scope for improvement. However, in spite of limited funds available to the government of kerala, they managed to achieve a better rating compared to the other states which has got huge foreign Investments.

Take the example of Infrastructure. People must be wondering how Kerala
got a better rating compared to Karnataka and Tamilnadu which boasts
of Express highways, Flyovers and huge buildings. People who criticize
this survey should understand the variables which are used for ranking. Its not the number of flyovers, but its the connectivity of roads to villages, number of beds/ 1000, schools, telephone density etc which were taken in to consideration. Infrastructure development should not confine only to cities, the benefit should reach to common people through out the state.

It is evident that the money flowing in to the big states are not passed on to the lower sections. Rich will become richer and poor will remain poor and will be deprived of basic amenities. Kerala is criticized for spending money equally in cities, towns and villages when others invested heavily on the cities forgetting masses in small towns and villages. Socialism may be a unrealistic dream for many here, however kerala at least tried to become a socialist state by not forgetting the lower sections and people who live in far off towns and villages. People who are blinded by the wide roads and flyovers in the major cities need to take some time off to visit places outside the city. Karnataka is not just Bangalore and TamilNadu is not just chennai. There are human beings living in other parts as well and they do have the right to have proper roads, schools, hospitals and other basic amenities.

To set up industries in kerala is not easy compared to other big states. It is not because mallus are rude. It is because of various other reasons. Industries, especially manufacturing units will find it hard to find space to set up big factories as kerala is heavily populated. Moreover industries will be forced to follow stringent measures to control pollusion and emission. They are well aware that people and environmentalists react to anything which disturbs the living condition as this will affect the tourism industry of the state badly. Is it wrong to keep our house clean?. The industries will prefer other states to kerala because they get cheap labour (from the so called 'developed states'!!), and this kind of interventions seldom arise. They don’t have to confront people as they seldom has the courage to raise their voices(thanks to poverty and illiteracy). Even if something comes up the companies use their money and muscle power to suppress it. They can easily bypass emission norms in other states (thanks to the corrupt officials).

Typical example is coca cola factory issue. People revolted because the company contaminated the drinking water of an entire panchayath. Can anyone who has at least bit of humanity left in their heart can say they did something wrong. People who sit inside air conditioned offices and blog against the decision taken by the government will never realize the harsh reality. Common man’s drinking water has more importance in kerala than an MNC.

I am not trying to glorify Kerala here; we have a lot of things to improve. Unemployment is the biggest worry. We need to look at the Service Sector as it will not have the bad effects which the manufacturing sector has. I could sense positive signals from the state. Technopark and Vizhinjam project are examples of it. Crusaders hardly comment on it, as their eyes are closed firmly. I have no idea what kind of satisfaction these people get by saying, ‘mallus are hypcrites’, ‘dogs own country’,‘inflated mallu ego’, ‘are mallus generally rude’ (The funniest by far - A Non resident Mallu who visited kerala and thought mallus inside kerala are rude just coz none of the taxi drivers or waiters called him ‘Sir’!!!). The kind of image mallus generate in such blogs will definitely affect the overall image of the state. I am sure even after the implementation of the projects in pipeline, the 'reformers' will not stop as mallu bashing is fashion now.

Inspired by Ajay.

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Dedicated to all those who hate mallus. Special thanks to Laiju

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Other Side of Outsourcing

I watched this excellent feature regarding outsourcing in youtube - The Other Side of Outsourcing presented by Tom Friedman, an American author and columnist.

The story showed the booming IT/ITES sector in
India, the westernised youth, RSS, NGOs and finally Slums. Tom has covered almost all the relevant aspects of globalisation in India and really showed the ground reality in India.

I have no doubt that the outsourcing is a boon to Indian economy and particularly for the ever growing youth population. It helped to solve the unemployment problem for the educated middle class to a great extend. Apart from direct employment, it has positive influence in the entire economy, as it provides indirect jobs such as cab drivers, support staff, canteen venders, construction workers etc. The government is also getting richer, thanks to the corporate and income taxes. The land value and the rents went up as a result and the standard of living changed for the better. I am also one of the beneficiaries of outsourcing as I have managed to steal a 'British Job'.

As the video suggests, the untapped talent of
India is huge. Our education system is highly competitive and that to an extend developed a youth population who are focused on what they are doing. As the youth gets dispensable time and dispensable money, they tend to deviate from the family bonds, which is a little concern for me. The kind of turbulent personal relationships in western world should not repeat in India. A very valid point by Dr. Anathamurthy, regarding the family bonding in India. It takes care of social security in India. Unfortunately, we are inheriting the demerits of westernisation as well.

Tom decided to cover outsourcing after the outbreak of protests against it in western countries. We can make out that he had genuine concerns about the loss of American jobs. However, the answer was given by Azim Premji . he openly said that west can't have double standards as they enjoyed the benefits of globalisation and open market by selling their products here which has resulted in closure of many indigenous businesses and los of jobs. Now its our turn to benefit from it, and I am afraid Americans will have to be innovative to face competition.

RSS acts as the moral police which opposes any kind of westernisation to safe guard Indian culture. Their reaction against valentines day is absolute rubbish. I believe that its the people who should decide whether to celebrate it or not. Expression of love is nothing wrong as we should not forget that Kama Sutra originated here. You cannot impose culture to anyone. I don’t think our culture, which is thousands of year old, is fragile and needs upliftment. Ours is a secular state and no one has the right to question people's choices.

What we should not do in this bright rosy word of outsourcing is to forget the majority population who are still struggling. The people in slums who doesn't have basic education, shelter, food and sanitation is something which the society and government have to concentrate on. As Indians shows optimism of becoming super power we should not forget that major portion of our population are still in villages. The upliftment of socially backward people and brining them to the main stream is the most important task. I would like to salute the NRI who gave wings to the dreams of those poor students. We should not close our eyes on the fact the sections in the lower class need a dramatic upliftment if
India has any chance of becoming a developed country, forget about "Super Power". Apart from flyovers and 6 line roads, there are lot of things which we need to focus on. Education is the most important aspect as we have huge talent which goes unnoticed due to lack of proper education.
Please have a look at teach
India and participate. Lets also contribute to this society rather than sitting in our cozy bed room and blogging about it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gulf and Communism

The inspiration for this post is a movie named Arabikatha, another excellent movie from Sreeni. The film is about the struggles of a communist in Dubai. Sreeni just lives as 'Cuba Mukundan' in the movie.

Gulf and Communism - Two factors that has a significant influence in life of Keralites. Every malayalee is one way or the other impacted by these two at one point or the other. Communist leaders like AKG and EMS has played an important part in the party's efforts for the upliftment of the lower classes of the society. Lands were recovered from feudal land lords and distributed to poor. Significant efforts were made to improve education and basic health care. Its a crime to forget their contributions to the society, especially to the deprived class, who were treated as slaves at a time. The played a vital part in creating a 'Kerala Model' , which was studied with interest even by foreigners.

However, as we all know Kerala's economy is struggling due to lack of Industries in the state. The fingers will defenitely point towards the red flag. Their aggressive revolts against industries has not just stopped foreign investors, even keralites moved out of the state to start business.

This is where, we should understand the significance of Gulf in Kerala's economy. The money which is pouring from the desert to this small state, was the only single force which backed our economy. Countless malayalees are working in desert now, with their hearts filled with memories of their homeland (God's own country).Their hard work has ensured their families back home,a good life with all the basic facilities. Their interaction with near and dear ones are only through telephone, or during their visit once in two years or so.

The communists today can amass significant wealth (which is against their policies), can run companies (they are against capitalism!), can use laptops (they are the first ones to oppose computer!) also! So hopefully they will change their policy and welcome industries, and bring back those people who work far away from home. Lal Salam.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Smoking Expedition

When I was in school (think its 8th std), me and my friend sapath discovered a fact - most of the cool dudes in our town were smokers. We could see them smoking in bus stand, parks and other public places which has sparked curiosity in our innocent (?) minds. We started noticing smokers, the way they hold the cigarette, the way they send out those lovely white fumes out of their noses, some of them even used to send smoke rings (which require special skill and training i guess).

We started discussing about this fantastic white cylindrical substance which has got fire at one end and a fool at other end. We both were a little adventurous than the others in school and we decided to test this amazing substance, which can do wonders to our personality. Not to forget those film stars who used to smoke cartons of cigarette just to prove that they are cool and the villains smoke (usually the pipes) to prove that they are powerful.

We decided that we need to test this wonderful thing, and started planning for it. We would have spend at least 5 days to plan this operation. The first question in front of us was, who will buy the cigarette. I cant do it because school is near my house and everybody around the school knows me. Sapath is the shortest in our class and he looks like a fifth standard student even though he in Eighth, and selling cigarettes to minors is a crime. Do not ask me who is selling cigarettes to +2 guys.

We made a market study and spotted at least 4-5 five small shops (pettikada) where we can get the stuff. I persuaded Sapath to buy cigarette and he agreed. We zeroed in on one of the small shops near our school which is run by an old lady whose house is attached to the small shop. We both went near the shop in the evening, studied the place for a while, standing at the opposite side of the road. Finally the moment arrived, Sapath with all his courage crossed the road and walked steadily towards the shop. I stood at the opposite side and was shivering.

He saw the wills packet inside the glass shelf , however the old lady was not in sight. she was inside the house attached to the shop. He called gently, Ammachiii... The old lady answered his call from inside, she asked "what do u want mone" . He pointed out the cigarette pack, without answering her. I could see Sapath's courage draining out at a rapid pace, sweat pouring out from his forehead, and his hands were shivering. She again asked from inside, "what is that you want". He said softly in a shivering voice 'ammachi thande ithu' (Grannie, this one). The old lady now came out and entered the shop, but unfortunately his courage has completely drained out by this time and he turned and look at me who is standing on the other side watching the drama. He shouted 'Ajithe oddikkoda' (Ajith Run!!). The next second, two brave boys started running at a speed of 58 km/hr. The lady thought sapath has taken something from the shop and she started chasing us for a few meters. However the race was easily won by the fresh young legs.

We ran till the vacant ground and sat there for sometime trying to regain our breath. We looked at each other and burst out to laughter. We both reviewed the whole operation and found out the faults in the execution. After one hour of analysis and heated debate, sapath stood up with his head held high and I could see the determination in his eyes. He took the responsibility of goofing up the first attempt. He walked out of the ground at a steady pace and with firm footsteps ( Bhagat singh's picture flashed in my mind for a second). He walked straight to a crowded shop, asked for a cigarette and a match box in a fairly confident voice, ignored the surprise look of the people around and walked out in the same confident way with the cigarettes.

He came running to the ground where I was waiting desperately. He showed the cigarette proudly and I congratulated him for his heroic effort. He lit the cigarette and took a drag, and started coughing. I also followed his path, soon both of us were coughing big time. with smoke in our lungs and nose. We found out that smoking is not that cool as we think.

I am still not a smoker, while sapath was a pretty good smoker during his college days and even when he started working. Recently I got an invitation for an orkut community from Sapath. The name of the community was "I hate cigarettes". He also quit smoking for good!!! Still whenever we meet the first thing we would say each other is "Ammachi thande ithu,,,,,,,, Ajithe Odikkoda !!!"

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Its better to be an Atheist! Thanks to Amrithachaitanya

It all started when a saint named 'Santhosh Madavan' alias 'Amritachaitanya' got busted in kerala for Fraud, Rape of minors, hawala etc etc. Soon the stories of so many so called god men and god women started coming out from every nuke and corner of kerala. News papers and Television media enthusiastically covered the outrage against Swamis, goddesses , pasters and other self proclaimed gods. Every day Malayalees woke up with news of another saint who got arrested for his 'sacred deeds' (seems like most of them are devotees of Lord Krishna).

We got another swami who treated the audience with a hollywood action thriller, and fired a couple of rounds in the police station. Wow!!! It happened in Kerala. which has been marked as one of the best states in terms of law and order. The swami, claimed he is very close to 'balettan' and his son. Poor balettan had no clue (at least that is what he told the media) .

We have got a paster who made millions by just talking about god. He has got crores in his bank account and a few Flats, all that he made by offering a professional service which virtually made all doctors jobless. The funniest part is that the witness was one of the top official in the government health department. Oh jesus 'ivar cheyyunnathu enthanenu ivar ariyunnilla'.

As usual the red volunteers who were really bored for decades as there were no landlords left for them to kill, rose to the occasion. They started tracking down the Gods with the help of their deadly student wing. (Deadly for the society and the public property). The unemployed youth showed the polit beuro that they are ready to take up any job which the party gives. Barbers beware, you guys have got severe competition!! The Student Wing managed to give a pretty decent haircut and shave for a swami. This swami turned out to be an innocent guy who lived in a hut. He has gone to the Human rights commission with his complaint.

I am sure that the comrades (sakhakal) will be angry for my comments, hang on guys I am not so one sided. I like some of your policies, even though majority is crap. I heard most communists are Atheists. They were trying to teach little kids that you should not have a religion, because it has been the source of majority of problems happening across the globe. For a change, I am with the communists for this one. Its better to be an atheist in this century.

I was watching some of the debates in TV, in which some of the renowned Atheists participated actively. Some of the arguments they made were spot on, for which the religious heads had no answer. Remember the controversy created over 'Makarajyothi' in shabarimala. At last its proved that it was lit by none other than our own Police chettans. Unbelievable!!!! May the souls of Tamilians who got killed in the stampede to see the 'jyothi' rest in peace.

People who live in 21st century, how can they be so stupid. We can forgive our ancestors for believing in these superstitions as they were unaware of the scientific inventions, and other information sources which we have in this era. Its cowards who will run to god and self proclaimed gods to solve their problems. Those are the people who are scared to face the ugly face of reality. Its your life and you have to tackle your problems, no god or gods followers are gonna give you food and shelter everyday. They do it sometimes when there is a tsunami. Dont think that it for the poor, Its a 'MARKETING GIMMIK' planned by well established 'corporates'. I work for an MNC in bangalore which has got nothing to do with gods. My company provides funds to many orphanages and many charity institutions which is one of the CSR initiatives (Corporate Social Responsibility). We all should be treated as gods then, as we have also contributed for it.

Jesus, Krishna, Ram ,Allah were all normal human beings with no supernatural powers. They all taught us to love each other. The self proclaimed Gods of this century is exploiting the mindset of people. The God men have found fertile land for their existence in Kerala, which is considered to be 100% literate. I was proud to be a mallu and always boasted about the kerala model and Human development index report about kerala. But how can an MP from my state go for a stupid Godmother's birthday celebration, and watch her dance like 'kali' with her tounge hanging out! Wake up people and listen to Atheists, use your brain and not your heart.