Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blind indeed

Lady Justice, the Roman goddess of Justice wears a blindfold in order to indicate that justice is (or should be) meted out objectively, without fear or favor, regardless of identity, money, power, or weakness: blind justice and blind impartiality. But in the Indian context unfortunately, the lady is not just blind, she is deaf as well.

I just can't understand this mockery called as Judiciary in this country. Looking at some of the recent verdicts, i can only say this system is a big joke. First of all why are we taking such a long time to arrive at a decision. We can't convict the grandchildren of the criminal for his offense. Is this because the whole system is outdated, or is it because the politicians and seasoned criminals/gangsters are able to work their way out and buy time (Years and years) fooling the system. At the same time petty criminals and part time robbers are well within the reach of law while big fishes are leading a comfortable life outside.

For killing 25000 people due to sheer negligence, we have given two years for 8 officials of the company. While the biggest culprit who cared a damn for 'indians' is still playing golf and leading a luxurious retirement life. The audit report submitted to the management 2 years prior to the tragedy clearly stated the risks, while the management promptly acted and upgraded their american plant, the indian plant was left like that. I guess the management decision was right when you look at the verdict now. Wonder what could have happened if the same accident occured in their american factory. Warren Anderson would have been hanged long back. Its not just because we do not have an active civil society, we have politicians who have unimaginable greed for money. I am pretty sure some of them would have made millions out of this tragedy while the victims got pathetic compensation. The only mistake bhopal victims did is that they are born in a third world country where price of human life is cheap.

We all know there is a terrorist named kasab who came from Pakistan and killed 100s of people in mumbai. We have seen this in TV, read in papers with pictures. You will get at least a 1000 witnesses against kasab. But still the government is taking years to hang him. Crores of rupees are spent for his security. This money is coming from the tax payers of this country. Is nt this ridiculous. One bullet would have done the job that day itself.

The best place for the rich culprits to hide is hospitals. Satyam Raju has proved that if you are rich and influential, no law can put you in jail as there are so many judges in our country with a price tag attached to their black coat. Seems like the Modis and Tytlers will roam around free till the next civil war.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Masters of Marketing

World has become really competitive these days and unless you market yourself you are never going to succeed. Marketing is an art and marketers follow the key message in Gita ‘end results are important and not the ways to reach them’. Nowadays marketing tactics and advertisements are extremely complicated. Unique and innovative ways of marketing were adopted to generate interest for their products/services.

The marketing department of the movie, “”My name is Khan” has definitely succeeded in generating interest in public through a series of cleverly planned ‘real incidents‘ with the back up of our electronic media. The series was kick started by SRK getting ‘detained’ at an American airport and questioned for an hour or two. Then there was another rumour that SRK’s naked scanned images were taken at the airport and those pics were leaked out to public. SRK has to face all these brutalities because his last name - ‘Khan’. News channels broadcasted these as breaking news! We live in a multi lingual, multi religious country which has innumerable social problems which requires immediate attention. However, this is an era of ‘Paid news’ and the concealed ad campaign of SRK’s movie was given preference. Not surprising at all, as the news channels have stooped down to mere advertisement medium for politicians and bollywood.

The massive ad campaign was to promote 2 parties. One is MNIK the movie and the other is Shiv sena, who is desperately trying to regain its lost fame and loosing their ground to another set of goons – the MNS. SRK and Shiv sena clashed through the media and the following words of exchange and public protest ensured to meet the two objectives of the whole campaign.

1) To brand SRK as a powerful person who stood by his principles and thereby promote his movie MNIK, which basically highlights the racial profiling by west.

2) To show the strength of Sena and to show the world that they still have supporters at the root level who can execute Babasaheb’s orders and thereby proving that no security can stop the sena.

We have enough idiots in our country who wasted their precious time watching the WWF match between SRK and Shiv sena. Shiv sena lived up to their name - what more can one expect from the followers of ‘God of destruction’. SRK managed to create curiosity in public and managed to prevent a huge financial burden for his producer who unfortunately financed a ‘hindi forest gump’, where SRK overacted throughout the movie.

The number of film stars in Twitter and blogs has been on the rise, the major objective is to market their new releases and to get public visibility through the medium. The rise of controversies just before and after the release is also very common nowadays. Similar to SRK – Sena drama, the makers of 3 idiots and Chetan Bhagat fought in public. 3 idiots went on to become a huge hit and the sale of Chetan’s book went up by a significant percentage. Classic example of a win-win situation. No points for guessing the real idiots !!!