Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terror attack - Time to ACT

Mumbai is attacked again. Innocent people ran for cover when ruthless terrorists sprayed bullets. Reports suggest that the terrorists came via sea route from pakistan. This confirms the incapability of our coast guard. A new organisation named 'Deccan Mujahudin' has claimed responsibility. Even as one of the terrorist claimed that he is from hyderabad, his punjabi accent clearly reveals his links across the border.

Pakistani Foreign minister offered 'condolences' and offered a 'hotline' between Intelligence officials. May be our ministers will accept this offer and will coordinate with ISI. ISI will be regularly updated by valuable information which they will use to train more terrorists and send us via sea, land or air probably, coz its no secret that our aerial surveillance radars are outdated.

Pakistani press and ministers accused India of raising false allegations and also commented that the politicians in India are accusing them to cover their intelligence failures. But the fact remains that the terrorists came from Pakistan and was trained in pakistan by Lashkar. Where is pakistan's intelligence when these terrorists planned their operation in their land? There is no doubt that ISI has significant links with LET and even America and rest of the world is aware of that after the Kabul Indian embassy attack. Pakistan's democratic government has taken steps to minimise the influence of ISI in politics. ISI was pressurised from all the sides. Without ISI and Pakistan army's support, nobody can plan and execute such an attack. The democratic government in pakistan is a silent spectators of this proxy war.

Now focus is on India. How the government is going to react to this ruthless assault? The attack revealed how vulnerable Indians are in the hands of terror. It is virtually impossible to prevent infiltrations from pakistan and bangladesh completely, because we have a very long coastal line and we share porous borders with Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. We need proactive approach, rather than reacting after a terror strike. The budget allocation of 100,000 crore rupees for defense is not just to use the army for rescue operations after terror strikes and natural calamities, we need to use them when the taxpayers who paid this money has been shot in streets like dogs.

We had enough of diplomatic missions after terror attacks. we cannot sit and talk about this and enforce laws to curb terror. Nothing will stop until we hunt down these rats from their burrows in pakistan. We should not hesitate to cross the border, as the government of pakistan is helpless to prevent terrorists backed by ISI. Gandhigiri and non violence will look good only in bollywood movies. Even Gandhi would have applied for a gun license now. A full fledged war is anyday better than this proxy war, where innocent civilians are butchered like cattle. We have a history of handling issues casually, kandahar and kargil are two examples of it. India should learn from Israelis, their commandos went all the way to Uganda and freed the hostages after storming in to the airport.

Whole of India offered prayers to those brave cops who took the bullets in their chest. They led from the front, risking their life and died for the country. We cannot afford this to happen again. we should fight this terror with all the power we have got, otherwise one day you will find a terrorist walking in to your living room carrying a AK 47 and that will sadly be the last thing you see in this world.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Terrorism weds Politics

As Indians we are quite familiar with terrorism, in fact we are living in a country where our chances of returning home after work is pretty low. Breaking news about blasts has been a regular feature in all the media channels. However, Its no more a shocking news for any of us. Over the years, terrorist organisations and those who are arrested in connection with terrorist activities are invariably Muslims. Now things have changed, we have our own 'saffron terror'.

Terrorism is BJP's main campaign weapon against congress. There is widespread panic among public due to the ruthless blasts across the country. BJP was trying to capitalise on this issue by offering security to citizens if they come to power. All of a sudden news about saffron terror broke out, giving out indications of a political drama scripted by congress to upset BJP's campaign. At first, many thought that this is a step to please minorities and secure their votes, especially after Muslim organisations accused police of staging a fake encounter at Jamianagar. Not sure whether Police will actually sacrifice one among them for a 'fake encounter'.

However, on the other side saffron brigade once again proved that they can match Islamic terror by all means. RSS and Bajrang Dal have a history of attacking minority communities in order to save 'Hindutva'. Hinduism always preached peaceful coexistence with other religions. The self imposed upholders of Hinduism should understand that they are spoiling the image of the religion by their barbarian acts. Why are the saffron clad saints, interested in politics and fighting for power? A saint, as per definition is 'an extremely virtuous person, who has no interest in material things’. I am confused; the saints should be in Himalayas, praying to god standing in one leg. What are they doing here in civilised cities? Apparently they were making bombs and helping other anti social elements to plant bombs in mosques.

Now, is this bombing an oppression against Islamic terror or is there a hidden political agenda as well? Each blast will enforce BJP's point of this country being insecure to live. So these blasts helped to boost their campaign. I have to admit congress has done well to block this campaign by arresting elements of 'Saffron terror'. This has hit BJP very badly as the arrested saint has close relations with top BJP leaders. The most disheartening fact is that the RDX for the blasts was supplied from a member of our 'secular' Army.

This proved that terrorism has no religion. The act of terror can come from any section, any religion, any class. The only thing common is that these acts are initiated by insane minds to express their anger towards established systems by cowardly acts like killing innocent people who have no connection with the 'established systems' they are revolting against.

Politics is a full fledged war now. Political parties use even the acts of terror as a weapon to fight each other. The common man, who is watching all these Tamasha take it as another joke in laughter challenge and move on. Recently Modi demolished temples in Gandhinagar which is Advani's constituency. Its double benefit (oru vedikku 2 pakshi) to him as he can reduce the chances of Advani winning the elections and Modi can project himself as a national leader who is pro-development and secular. Congress is no better, they have been 'auctioning' tickets for elections. God save India!

Dedicated to all venomous cobras in politics - Nagin by Decibel

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

I was tagged by confucius to answer two questions each from past,present and future.


Your oldest memories

My childhood house on top of a hill near a vast paddy field. Most beautiful place on earth.

School days, eventful & fun filled classrooms, stressful exam days, celebrations after the exams (Fishing and swimming in the nearby river), Year end holidays. Balarama, poompatta :)

What were you doing 10 years ago

I was writing my first love letter which I couldn't deliver as I was unable to find the right Hamsam:)

I was studying most of the time, sitting near my window which was facing the backyard of our neighborhood. There was someone cute at the backyard memorising lessons repeating them loudly:). (Dear 'R', u r solely responsible for my dismal performance that year at college)


Your first thought in the morning

Weekday or weekend??????

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My laptop with internet connection, beverages (alcoholic) and a big poster of Rani Mukharjee.


This year

I couldn't foresee any change in job, as the market condition is not that great. Its safer to stick on to this lovely company which gave me a decent hike (0.00000012%) and a record breaking bonus (8 rupee 56 paise).

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

I Will be driving back to my home in a 96 model esteem with the most unlucky girl on earth to stay in the same childhood house, which will complete one full life cycle....

I tag seema, and Layman

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top 5 addictions

I have been tagged by Seema, (Apostrophic Metis) to list top 5 addictions, here it goes


Orkut – Great place to keep in touch with your old buddies. My friends in school and college are scattered all across the globe. This is the place where I interact with them, view their latest pics, (some of them changed so much!!), recollect the good old times (some nasty ones as well), exchange wishes during festivals, keep tab of latest happenings in their life etc.

Blogs – Amazing tool to understand different views, emotions, thoughts of people whom you have never even seen before.

Akkara kazchakal - This serial portrays mallu life in US. The script and direction could match our subtle old Malayalam movies of 80-90s. George Uncle, Giri giri, boby/baby kuttan and co are doing a great job. Its better to watch this than the latest Malayalam flicks which can be described in one word- ‘ridiculous’.


From childhood, I am in love with rain. I like to roam around in my bike when it is drizzling; I love to watch the heavy downpour in my balcony sipping coffee. Rain is something which brings back memories of my home town. The smell of soil when the first drop of rain touches the ground is eternal.


I prefer soft peaceful music of any language. Music calms my mind after stressful working hours. Favorites are endless, Yesudas, Unnimenon, Hariharan, Lionel Richie, Kumar Sanu, Savage Garden…..

Recent addiction is Roopa’s romantic voice


Die hard fan of Padmarajan movies. What a loss for Malayalam movie Industry. Don’t remember how many times I have seen NPMT and Thoovanathumpikal. Addicted to this particular clip in youtube.


As an average Indian, how can I miss cricket in the list of addictions. This is one sport where every Indian, including Mr. Raj Thackeray cheer for our country. There was a time when I watched matches even during exams, without commentary of course (sorry Amma!). However, things are different now, thanks to live scorecards, without which I would have completely lost touch with the game.