Saturday, July 12, 2008

Its better to be an Atheist! Thanks to Amrithachaitanya

It all started when a saint named 'Santhosh Madavan' alias 'Amritachaitanya' got busted in kerala for Fraud, Rape of minors, hawala etc etc. Soon the stories of so many so called god men and god women started coming out from every nuke and corner of kerala. News papers and Television media enthusiastically covered the outrage against Swamis, goddesses , pasters and other self proclaimed gods. Every day Malayalees woke up with news of another saint who got arrested for his 'sacred deeds' (seems like most of them are devotees of Lord Krishna).

We got another swami who treated the audience with a hollywood action thriller, and fired a couple of rounds in the police station. Wow!!! It happened in Kerala. which has been marked as one of the best states in terms of law and order. The swami, claimed he is very close to 'balettan' and his son. Poor balettan had no clue (at least that is what he told the media) .

We have got a paster who made millions by just talking about god. He has got crores in his bank account and a few Flats, all that he made by offering a professional service which virtually made all doctors jobless. The funniest part is that the witness was one of the top official in the government health department. Oh jesus 'ivar cheyyunnathu enthanenu ivar ariyunnilla'.

As usual the red volunteers who were really bored for decades as there were no landlords left for them to kill, rose to the occasion. They started tracking down the Gods with the help of their deadly student wing. (Deadly for the society and the public property). The unemployed youth showed the polit beuro that they are ready to take up any job which the party gives. Barbers beware, you guys have got severe competition!! The Student Wing managed to give a pretty decent haircut and shave for a swami. This swami turned out to be an innocent guy who lived in a hut. He has gone to the Human rights commission with his complaint.

I am sure that the comrades (sakhakal) will be angry for my comments, hang on guys I am not so one sided. I like some of your policies, even though majority is crap. I heard most communists are Atheists. They were trying to teach little kids that you should not have a religion, because it has been the source of majority of problems happening across the globe. For a change, I am with the communists for this one. Its better to be an atheist in this century.

I was watching some of the debates in TV, in which some of the renowned Atheists participated actively. Some of the arguments they made were spot on, for which the religious heads had no answer. Remember the controversy created over 'Makarajyothi' in shabarimala. At last its proved that it was lit by none other than our own Police chettans. Unbelievable!!!! May the souls of Tamilians who got killed in the stampede to see the 'jyothi' rest in peace.

People who live in 21st century, how can they be so stupid. We can forgive our ancestors for believing in these superstitions as they were unaware of the scientific inventions, and other information sources which we have in this era. Its cowards who will run to god and self proclaimed gods to solve their problems. Those are the people who are scared to face the ugly face of reality. Its your life and you have to tackle your problems, no god or gods followers are gonna give you food and shelter everyday. They do it sometimes when there is a tsunami. Dont think that it for the poor, Its a 'MARKETING GIMMIK' planned by well established 'corporates'. I work for an MNC in bangalore which has got nothing to do with gods. My company provides funds to many orphanages and many charity institutions which is one of the CSR initiatives (Corporate Social Responsibility). We all should be treated as gods then, as we have also contributed for it.

Jesus, Krishna, Ram ,Allah were all normal human beings with no supernatural powers. They all taught us to love each other. The self proclaimed Gods of this century is exploiting the mindset of people. The God men have found fertile land for their existence in Kerala, which is considered to be 100% literate. I was proud to be a mallu and always boasted about the kerala model and Human development index report about kerala. But how can an MP from my state go for a stupid Godmother's birthday celebration, and watch her dance like 'kali' with her tounge hanging out! Wake up people and listen to Atheists, use your brain and not your heart.



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Unknown said...

Boss...You have no right to tell Jesus is Just a human being.. If you dont belive, jst dnt do.. do not proclaim ur mind .. !! u r nobdy to judge ..!!!

Unknown said...

nicely written, dear..keep it up..

Ajith said...

@aadarsh - Thanks mate.