Saturday, August 9, 2008

Gulf and Communism

The inspiration for this post is a movie named Arabikatha, another excellent movie from Sreeni. The film is about the struggles of a communist in Dubai. Sreeni just lives as 'Cuba Mukundan' in the movie.

Gulf and Communism - Two factors that has a significant influence in life of Keralites. Every malayalee is one way or the other impacted by these two at one point or the other. Communist leaders like AKG and EMS has played an important part in the party's efforts for the upliftment of the lower classes of the society. Lands were recovered from feudal land lords and distributed to poor. Significant efforts were made to improve education and basic health care. Its a crime to forget their contributions to the society, especially to the deprived class, who were treated as slaves at a time. The played a vital part in creating a 'Kerala Model' , which was studied with interest even by foreigners.

However, as we all know Kerala's economy is struggling due to lack of Industries in the state. The fingers will defenitely point towards the red flag. Their aggressive revolts against industries has not just stopped foreign investors, even keralites moved out of the state to start business.

This is where, we should understand the significance of Gulf in Kerala's economy. The money which is pouring from the desert to this small state, was the only single force which backed our economy. Countless malayalees are working in desert now, with their hearts filled with memories of their homeland (God's own country).Their hard work has ensured their families back home,a good life with all the basic facilities. Their interaction with near and dear ones are only through telephone, or during their visit once in two years or so.

The communists today can amass significant wealth (which is against their policies), can run companies (they are against capitalism!), can use laptops (they are the first ones to oppose computer!) also! So hopefully they will change their policy and welcome industries, and bring back those people who work far away from home. Lal Salam.


Unknown said...

hey, i liked this one..

happy that many now do realize that, what we consider as the greatest enemy, back home in kerala, is the one who feeds it, though indirectly

scorpiogenius said...

Communism has greatly moulded the Kerala success story, no doubt. Many of the features we are proud of are here courtesy to previous Communist Govts; nevertheless I cant turn a blind eye towards the miserable state we find ourselves in, in terms of self sufficiency and employement.

How long are we going depend on other countries for our food??

Good blog though, Keep writing..:)

Ajith said...

@scorpiogenius.....Thanks for ur comments mate. Communists has lost their ideology. They are moving towards capitalism, but they will soon realise that they are loosing their identity.

Hopefully the projects in pipeline will help mallus to come back to kerala.

Anonymous said...

saludos desde el otro lado del mundo.

solo quiero decir:

"comunismo nunca más"