Sunday, March 29, 2009

Elections 2009 - Ray of hope from Trivandrum.

We are a nation of 1 billion people. We have some of the richest in the world, on the other hand our country is also home to a significant population who live under poverty line. A booming middle class which is ready to take India to new heights and an emerging economy which has the potential to transform India to a developed country. Some of us have even dared to dream of India becoming a super power as America. I will not blame the dreamers, because we were one of the most developed civilization at one point of time. We can find a lot of sucessful Indians who hold key positions in western world. Indira Nooyi, Vikram Pandit, Lakshmi Mittal are specific examples. The cream of our graduates from IIMs and IITs has been lured away by foreign companies. India would have been a much better place, had we been able to prevent this brain drain. Still there is no lack of talent in India. The Tatas and Ambanis showed us that Indian companies can also dream big and can have Global aspirations.

India's dreams can be achieved only through political will. For that we need politicians with vision, and more than that they should be focused on the development of the nation and above all should adopt a honest and transparent approach of governance. Ethics, morality, honesty and integrity are characteristics which we hardly see in any of our netas. India's dreams will remain dreams unless we elect honest candidates who have real passion for the progress of our country. However, there will only be a handful of candidates in that category.

We have two national parties who claim to have nation wide reach and a bunch of regional parties who have no ideology what so ever and who are ready to change ideology and principles and awaiting the right opportunity to back stab major national parties. Some of them have tried to set up a third front also. There is no doubt that the regional parties are becoming stronger and national parties are losing grounds which is a very worrying fact. Clearly the regional parties do not have a national vision. I can't imagine an India led by lalu or mayawati.

Divisive politics and hate speeches have become very common. Varun Gandhi's speech has attracted serious attention. His speech was particularly disturbing because it came from a person who is educated at the London School of Economics. Varun's grand father was a Muslim and his mother is a Sikh. Still he made such a disgusting hate speech just for votes. He is the new opportunistic face in a party which laid its foundation by spreading hatred towards minorities. Young Netas like varun and Raj has taken clues from their seniors and realised that communal remarks and regionalism fetch votes even in modern era. Campaigns like jaago re have been trying hard to attract voters to polling booths. However, even though there is widespread protest against criminalisation of politics, political parties gave tickets to criminals. How can we expect educated urban classes to come forward and vote for criminals and fraudsters.

The list of candidates from Kerala is really encouraging this time. Shashi Tharoor is contesting from Trivandrum. He is one of the most eligible candidates in election-2009. His global experience and knowledge can easily earn him a cabinet post . Going by his track record, he is more than capable of taking Trivandrum to new heights. Bloggers from trivandrum have started campaigning for him through blogs and for the first time in my life, I am going to vote.

Please visit his website and try to support his campaign in whatever way you can. Can he be the ‘Obama of Anandapuri’ and deliver the change we are looking for? My answer is a definite yes!


Brijesh Nair said...


I added this in the list I complied about Tharoor (

Obama of Anananthapuri - I liked that...

OG said...

I also hope that he would make a difference.... :) Aliya, If I was there, I would have voted to him....simply because, I believe that he can bring in change

Happy Kitten said...

Maybe it is the cynic in me.. but I have my doubts.... his educational qualifications are amazing.. but I have lost my belief in educational qualifications when it comes to managing the ground realities that our country is facing... because of his intelligence he may have sailed through his job responsibilities in UN.. but then what is UN? do you think it has ever been able to stand up for the developing or poor countries? It is yet another corporate amalgamate.. and that is the sad story.. it cannot stand without the support of the corporates that rule our world..

please take a look at this too..

scorpiogenius said...

Man, one doubt, what did you mean by ' voting for the first time?' Have you never voted because you think it is a futile exercise or is this the first chance you are getting? Just curious to know :)

Well yeah, Tharoor would have a landslide victory in Trivandrum if only bloggers are voting. But Trivandrum is more than a few techies, bloggers and apolitical youth isnt it? What the layman thinks about him is a serious serious question.

And reports from friends back home are pretty discouraging. This depresses me, you know? I'll have to take a compulsory leave of despair if Tharoor ends up below someone on May 16.

As you told we have a golden opportunity to help propel our city into the elite league, but... this poli-tricks game makes me a pessimist.

The one who has loved and lost said...

@Scorpio genius - What the layman thinks about him is a serious serious question.

I think he is a super candidate :P

Jokes apart, I think he should win not just for his academic qualifications but for his sincere desire to make a difference. Why would a man of his stature join politics? I would like to believe and hope in the best and in that light he is a great man for the job.

U guys (Tvm bloggers) are pumped, aren't ya?

Indyeah said...

''Ethics, morality, honesty and integrity are characteristics which we hardly see in any of our netas. India's dreams will remain dreams unless we elect honest candidates who have real passion for the progress of our country.''

I know Shashi Tharoor is a good candidate yet the cynic in me has doubts:D
blame it on these times

yet if I could I would vote for him coz he is the most qualified and sincere guy on the horizon as of of the few around..

Anonymous said...

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Praveen said...

I hope atleast tvm will be saved this time, after the elections..
mayawati for pm...o god!!!!
and varun gandhi...its time he's put in jail for ever..

Smitha said...

Ajith, Despite Shashi Tharoor's credentials, and being a huge fan of his writing.. I still feel sceptical about his entry into politics..

Though he might be the most educated, the most eligible candidate -on paper - somehow, that passion does not come across from him.. Must be my cynical view.. Lets wait and watch.. and please do vote :)

Ajith said...

@ Brijesh - Thank you! Are u from Vellayani?

@ Ajit - Saramilla aliya, I ll vote for u also. No one will make out the difference of a 'h' :)

@ HK - I have no doubt that he is a very capable and intelligent man with a vision. We will not get such candidates very often. Here is a man who can deliver, and I feel we should support him regardless of whichever party he represent.

We can ignore controversies like coca cola and national anthem for a bigger cause. Trivandrum has great potential we need a man like him to support vizinjam port and technopark expansion.

Ajith said...

@ Scorpio - I was outside the state for studies and now I am working in Bangalore. So didn't get a chance to vote. I still believe in democracy.

I am optimistic about Tharoor's win. Lets hope for the best.

@ Indyeah - We all know he is the right candidate for a city like trivandrum which has got great potential. I am confident that he will make it!

@ Praveen - Lets hope for the best. I guess we all have to migrate to different countries if people like Mayawati or Modi make it to the PM Post.

@ Smitha - Lets hope for the best. Given a chance, I am sure he will do well.

Happy Kitten said...

Ajith: let me set aside my doubts and hope for the best.. after all Tvm is the only city that I have lived for a long period and the one which is still close to my heart...

Ajith said...

@ Layman - As always we both think alike :)... May be we were brothers in our last birth.

TVM bloggers are excited and united for a cause.

Ajith said...

@ HK - thanks...:)

raindrops said...

I really regret I don't have a chance to vote for one who really deserves it. My name disappeared from voters' list after I moved out of Trivandrum some 5 years ago :(
I hope Ananthapuri will vote for the change it deserves.

scorpiogenius said...

@ the Layman, :P:P... you caught me there eh? ;)

@ Aji, thanks for the video man! :)
Its amazing the huge volume of Trivandrum bloggers in the netscape, isn't it? And we all seem to think alike...Tharoor all the way!

Pray that the Congress workers preform well in their campaigning for Tharoor, and not be lazy-asses they have been in the previous elections.

Solilo said...

I wish I was in TVM now and I would have voted for Tharoor. I was skeptical in the beginning but after following all the opponents, I would prefer Tharoor.

We have tried a lot of politicians now let us see what Tharoor can do.

The one who has loved and lost said...

Ding Dong
Time to come out of sleep, don't you think :)

Ajith said...

@Layman - Thanks for the wake up call :).
Hectic work schedule, newly found love and a blown up laptop caused this hibernation. Soon I ll be back :)

scorpiogenius said...

[i]newly found love[/i]

Aaaah! I was wondering why such a long hibernation here..

Perfect reason..heheheheeee

Ajith said...

@ Scorpio - A love connected by vodafone with unlimited calls - hope its very clear now !!!!

Seema said...

Evide poyi?? and love??.poochakkum muscle oo!!! :P

Ajith said...

@Seema- Hehe, ee poocha Gym il poyatha :)