Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top 5 addictions

I have been tagged by Seema, (Apostrophic Metis) to list top 5 addictions, here it goes


Orkut – Great place to keep in touch with your old buddies. My friends in school and college are scattered all across the globe. This is the place where I interact with them, view their latest pics, (some of them changed so much!!), recollect the good old times (some nasty ones as well), exchange wishes during festivals, keep tab of latest happenings in their life etc.

Blogs – Amazing tool to understand different views, emotions, thoughts of people whom you have never even seen before.

Akkara kazchakal - This serial portrays mallu life in US. The script and direction could match our subtle old Malayalam movies of 80-90s. George Uncle, Giri giri, boby/baby kuttan and co are doing a great job. Its better to watch this than the latest Malayalam flicks which can be described in one word- ‘ridiculous’.


From childhood, I am in love with rain. I like to roam around in my bike when it is drizzling; I love to watch the heavy downpour in my balcony sipping coffee. Rain is something which brings back memories of my home town. The smell of soil when the first drop of rain touches the ground is eternal.


I prefer soft peaceful music of any language. Music calms my mind after stressful working hours. Favorites are endless, Yesudas, Unnimenon, Hariharan, Lionel Richie, Kumar Sanu, Savage Garden…..

Recent addiction is Roopa’s romantic voice


Die hard fan of Padmarajan movies. What a loss for Malayalam movie Industry. Don’t remember how many times I have seen NPMT and Thoovanathumpikal. Addicted to this particular clip in youtube.


As an average Indian, how can I miss cricket in the list of addictions. This is one sport where every Indian, including Mr. Raj Thackeray cheer for our country. There was a time when I watched matches even during exams, without commentary of course (sorry Amma!). However, things are different now, thanks to live scorecards, without which I would have completely lost touch with the game.


The one who has loved and lost said...

I like thoovanathumbikal more :-D
The most actually!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up the tag.
Akkarakazchakal: As a north american resident I can so identify with the characters. Watching the latest right now :-)

Ajith said...

@Layman - ya thoovanathumpikal was better of the two, if u have to make a choice, but somehow i luv this clip. :)

@seema - Akkara kazchakal is definitely addictive.. 'Satisfaction guaranteed definitely :)'

confucius said...

Heyy...Me also a die hard fan of Padmarajan and my favorite movie happens to be NPMT .... I disagree that Thoovanathumbikal was better....THuvanathumbikal was really good and can take a second place behind NPMT ...:)
and Akkarakazchakal is just too good....

Ajith said...


Its tough to compare both, but I like Jayakrishnan.... He was just too gud....

The one who has loved and lost said...

ha ha pacha maruthi example..

But yaa..
NPMT was also amazing..
just that "thrissur kaaranu" thoovanthumbikale ishttappedu..

"Ajithe....Nammukkoru naarangya vellam kachiyaala" :D

Ajith said...


Im from Rayamanikyam's district, but still I like thoovanathumpikal... May be coz my another love, 'rain' is one of the characters in this movie.

I like the romance in NPMT....its like a beautiful poem..

Ajith said...

Naarangya vellam icittu thanne aayikkotte :)

confucius said...

Different view points I guess. i definitely like Thoovanathumbikal...but like NPMT more.:) have been tagged !!
This is the first time I am tagging someone...hope you enjoy the Tag..:)

Anonymous said...

What about Malayalam comedy movies-isnt that a addiction? Especially the ones starring Mohanlal and Sreenivas :)

Ajith said...


Who can forget dasan and vijayan. its an addiction as well. I like mukesh also, he was too good in films like Boeing boeing :)

Maddy said...

am a great fan of akazchagal myself. and of course most of the others you mentioned...thoovanathumpikal was a fascinating movie - read joe's blog on it?

gayathri vishwanathan said...

orkut, rains, music and cricket...these are my addictions too...can't comment on padmarajan as I hardly know anybody from the mallu film industry (mohanlal and mamooty being an exception)