Friday, November 21, 2008

Terrorism weds Politics

As Indians we are quite familiar with terrorism, in fact we are living in a country where our chances of returning home after work is pretty low. Breaking news about blasts has been a regular feature in all the media channels. However, Its no more a shocking news for any of us. Over the years, terrorist organisations and those who are arrested in connection with terrorist activities are invariably Muslims. Now things have changed, we have our own 'saffron terror'.

Terrorism is BJP's main campaign weapon against congress. There is widespread panic among public due to the ruthless blasts across the country. BJP was trying to capitalise on this issue by offering security to citizens if they come to power. All of a sudden news about saffron terror broke out, giving out indications of a political drama scripted by congress to upset BJP's campaign. At first, many thought that this is a step to please minorities and secure their votes, especially after Muslim organisations accused police of staging a fake encounter at Jamianagar. Not sure whether Police will actually sacrifice one among them for a 'fake encounter'.

However, on the other side saffron brigade once again proved that they can match Islamic terror by all means. RSS and Bajrang Dal have a history of attacking minority communities in order to save 'Hindutva'. Hinduism always preached peaceful coexistence with other religions. The self imposed upholders of Hinduism should understand that they are spoiling the image of the religion by their barbarian acts. Why are the saffron clad saints, interested in politics and fighting for power? A saint, as per definition is 'an extremely virtuous person, who has no interest in material things’. I am confused; the saints should be in Himalayas, praying to god standing in one leg. What are they doing here in civilised cities? Apparently they were making bombs and helping other anti social elements to plant bombs in mosques.

Now, is this bombing an oppression against Islamic terror or is there a hidden political agenda as well? Each blast will enforce BJP's point of this country being insecure to live. So these blasts helped to boost their campaign. I have to admit congress has done well to block this campaign by arresting elements of 'Saffron terror'. This has hit BJP very badly as the arrested saint has close relations with top BJP leaders. The most disheartening fact is that the RDX for the blasts was supplied from a member of our 'secular' Army.

This proved that terrorism has no religion. The act of terror can come from any section, any religion, any class. The only thing common is that these acts are initiated by insane minds to express their anger towards established systems by cowardly acts like killing innocent people who have no connection with the 'established systems' they are revolting against.

Politics is a full fledged war now. Political parties use even the acts of terror as a weapon to fight each other. The common man, who is watching all these Tamasha take it as another joke in laughter challenge and move on. Recently Modi demolished temples in Gandhinagar which is Advani's constituency. Its double benefit (oru vedikku 2 pakshi) to him as he can reduce the chances of Advani winning the elections and Modi can project himself as a national leader who is pro-development and secular. Congress is no better, they have been 'auctioning' tickets for elections. God save India!

Dedicated to all venomous cobras in politics - Nagin by Decibel

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The one who has loved and lost said...

Was a very depressing post.

Go to any cause blog and you can see right wing extremists justifying saffron tower under the excuse of "you think we would keep quite any more?". The general sentiment amongst them is saffron terror will make Jehadis/Muslim fundamentalists think twice before attacking India. I don't see how eye for eye will bring about peace.

The recent finding of 145 bombs from the RSS office in Kannur only goes to the modus operandi of the lotus party. Ramachundra Guha in an essay on "will india become a superpower" mentions the insidious presence of the Hindutvawadis and the degradation of the once liberal and upright centre; as two of the reasons why India will never become one. I think he is very correct.

Disagree on one thing though. The common man is disillusioned by politics. He doesn't take it asa joke and move on. He feels helpless and frustrated. The only thing he can do is get the best deal out of it for him and others around him.
Aren't we the common men?

Ajith said...

@ Layman - Yes its very depressing indeed, things are going horribly wrong. Seems like there is a gud chance of BJP coming to power. Hardcore Hindutva preachers will get good posts in that government for sure.

As a common man I would like to see the whole thing as a joke,just to ensure that the frustration and helplessness do not creep in to my everyday life.

Anonymous said...

You know the biggest mistake We, the People of India end up doing is that we don't realise our own power. We have the voting power that most of us would just like to waste away cos' we just don't care and think what good is it going to do if any party come into power. There is a bomb blast in the city and we think everything is normal the next day whereas it is not. We don't give importance to human life at all and just accept the facts instead of putting our foot down and say NO! enough is enough. It is not depressing, it is disgusting. Minorities revolting against oppression is a known fact but radicals these days don't even have a cause. And God cannot save India as then there will be a fight which God.. Only People of India can save it and high time we all get our acts together..

P.S. that was a long comment :( sorry

The one who has loved and lost said...

sorry for all those typos :D (saffron tower etc)

Ajith said...

@Seema - yes, Indians have the power to vote. But whom do you expect them to vote. In Karnataka, we have BJP, congress and JDS. BJP is communal, congress is selling off tickets here for crores and JDS has played some of the dirtiest political dramas I have ever seen.

Genuine candidates are a rare commodity in this state. I am sure educated youth will vote if they feel the candidates are genuine. We cant ask them to take a day off to vote for some criminal.

BTW, did u see 'A wednesday'? it shows how a common man reacts to terror.

Long comments are alright madam, venel oru post thanne itto, no problem :)

@ Layman - Typos, very bad dude. If u do it one more time, I m going to throw u to KOKKAN :)

Anonymous said...

Post okke und already :-) Here is the link.

Also it is not that we don't have a choice out of conventional political parties. Check this out.

(Not supporting them in any way but their concept is good thats all.)

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot.yes,Wednesday kandu
I am spamming your comments section!!!

Shiva said...

"A saint, as per definition is 'an extremely virtuous person, who has no interest in material things’. I am confused; the saints should be in Himalayas, praying to god standing in one leg. What are they doing here in civilised cities? Apparently they were making bombs and helping other anti social elements to plant bombs in mosques."

- Now, do we need to redefine sainthood then? I am also confused reading this. Are all saints making bombs in cities?

Ajith said...

@Shiva - redefine Sainthood?? No need . I think the definition is fine.

If someone is playing politics wearing a saint's outfit, they are redefining the meaning of sainthood (in a wrong way for obvious reasons)

Hope u are clear now :)